MCZ Publications in Special Occasional Publication [on Mollusks]

The Special Occasional Publications (often referred to as Special Occasional Papers on Mollusks) published large monographs, bibliographic works and English translations of original monographs. Eleven issues were printed between 1973-1992 and can be found in the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

  • Chernogorenko, E. V. 1992. On the species composition of viviparids (Gastropoda, Viviparidae) in Europe and western Asia. Special Occasional Publication, (11):1-26 [BHL]
  • Starobogatov, Y. I. 1992. Generic composition of the family Viviparidae : (Gastropoda pectinibranchia vivipariformes). Special Occasional Publication, (10):1-25 [BHL]
  • Schileĭko, L. V. and A. A. Shileĭko. [K. C. Emberton and M. Taube eds.] 1992. Additional findings on the morphology of the proximal part of the reproductive system of the stylommatophora (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) [Translation by M. Taube]. Special Occasional Publication, (9):1-13 [BHL]
  • Nordsieck, H. 1992. Systematic revision of the Helicoidea : (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) [Translated by K. C. Emberton]. Special Occasional Publication, (8):1-79 [BHL]
  • Russell, H. D. 1986. Index Nudibranchia. Supplement I, 1966-1975. Special Occasional Publication, (7):1-93 [BHL]
  • Shileĭko, A. A. [K. J. Boss and M. K. Jacobson eds.] 1985. The system of the order Geophila (Helicida) (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) [An Edited Translation]. Special Occasional Publication, (6):1-45 [BHL]
  • Skarlato, O. A. and Y. I. Starobogatov. [K. J. Boss and M. K. Jacobson eds.] 1985. General evolutionary patterns and the system of the class Bivalvia [An Edited Translation]. Special Occasional Publication, (5):1-67 [BHL]
  • Johnson, R. I. 1975. Simpson's unionid types and miscellaneous unionid types in the National Museum of Natural History. Special Occasional Publication, (4):1-51 [BHL]
  • Johnson, R. I. 1974. Marshall's unionid types: or, types of recent and fossil Unionacea and Mutelacea introduced by William B. Marshall, including a bibliography of all his writings on mollusks. Special Occasional Publication, (3):1-14 [BHL]
  • Johnson, R. I. 1974. Lea's unionid types: or, recent and fossil taxa of Unionacea and Muteiacea introduced by Isaac Lea, including the location of all the extant types. Special Occasional Publication, (2):1-159 [BHL] [MCZ specimens]
  • Johnson, R. I. 1973. Heude's molluscan types: or, Asian land and fresh water mollusks, mostly from the People's Republic of China, described by P. M. Heude. Special Occasional Publication, (1):1-111 [BHL] [MCZ specimens]